About DeltaGene

“Better information about your health leads to better health decisions, better outlooks for diseases, and improved quality of life. And our tools can, in fact, provide better information.”

– Dr. Lajos Haracska (Founder & CEO)

Founded by experienced scientists

DeltaGene was founded in 2015 by a team of experts in molecular biology, bioinformatics, and medicine as the molecular diagnostics brand of our parent company, DeltaBio. Our parent company’s vast resources and close ties to the prestigious Biological Research Center in Szeged and a global top-500 university, the University of Szeged, have since paved the way for our success.

Our mission is to use the latest molecular diagnostics technologies (such as next-generation sequencing) to give doctors and patients deeper insights into their health – and ultimately help them make better health & treatment decisions.

Innovation is “in our genes”

We’ve inherited our “genes” as a company from Nobel Prize winning “ancestors”, such as Katalin Karikó or Albert Szent-Györgyi – both of whom began their journeys in our founding institute, and whose scientific curiosity and resilience are still shaping our company culture to this day.

Worldwide services, from the heart of the EU

Since our founding, our team has grown to include 22 scientists. So, in 2022, after outgrowing our previous laboratories, we’ve moved to our modern headquarters located in our very own 10,000+ m2 laboratory complex in Szeged, Hungary.

New solutions to age-old problems

How can doctors & patients make better health decisions?

Despite continuous advancements in molecular biology, doctors around the world are struggling to get a complete picture about their patients’ health. Oftentimes, this means they have to make important decisions about their patients’ diagnoses & treatments – without having all the information.

It’s no wonder that unidentified health issues, late diagnoses, and unsuccessful treatment plans are still so painfully common…

Our diagnostic services use cutting-edge NGS-technology to provide doctors and their patients with convenient, accurate, and actionable insights about their health, diseases, and treatment options.

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The future of our diagnostics lies in personalized medicine

Using our latest NGS-technologies, we already provide a convenient, accurate, and affordable way for doctors & patients to make better health decisions.
Our next step is to use our diagnostic capabilities to support healthcare providers in their journeys towards providing personalized medicine.
Personalized medicine

Meet our board

Coming from diverse backgrounds and areas of expertise – our shared vision and passion for science are what truly connect us.

Lajos Haracska - Chief Executive Officer

Lajos Haracska

Chief Executive Officer
Pintér Lajos - Chief Operating Officer

Lajos Pintér

Chief Operating Officer
Katalin Priskin - Tumor team leader

Katalin Priskin

Tumor team leader
Zoltán Gyuris - Microbiome team leader

Zoltán Gyuris

Microbiome team leader

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