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Unlock your health & wellness with our innovative tumor diagnostics and microbiome analysis services. Our diagnostic technologies unleash the potential of next-generation sequencing to give you the personalized insights you need to make better decisions about your health.

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DeltaGene’s leadership celebrating her Nobel Prize with

Katalin Karikó

Innovation is “in our genes”

DeltaGene is the diagnostics brand of the prestigious molecular diagnostics biotech company, Delta Bio 2000 Ltd.

Founded in 2007 by a team of experts in genomics, bioinformatics, and medicine, DeltaBio emerged from the collaboration of the University of Szeged (a global top-500 university) and the renowned Biological Research Center of Szeged.

Our ‘genes' were directly inherited from ancestors like the Nobel Prize winner Katalin Karikó and Albert Szent-Györgyi, who both started their scientific careers in our founding institutions. Their vision of science and enthusiasm are still shaping our company culture today.

Everyone deserves access to the best information & tools to manage their health

That is why we use cutting-edge molecular technologies to analyze your unique biological profile and deliver insights that are tailored to your needs and goals. Whether you want to optimize your nutrition, fitness, or to find all the possible solutions to personalized therapies for your tumor. Our vision is to empower people to take control of their health and wellness by providing them with accurate, reliable, and personalized molecular insights.

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Our shared vision and passion for science are what connect us

Delta Bio is driven by a clear and compelling vision: to provide innovative and effective solutions for tumor diagnosis and microbiome analysis, using state-of-the-art technology and scientific excellence. We believe that by combining cutting-edge research, advanced instrumentation, and rigorous quality standards, we can deliver accurate, reliable, and actionable insights to our customers and partners. 

Whether it is detecting cancer at an early stage, monitoring treatment response, or understanding the role of the microbiome in health and disease, we are committed to advancing the field of precision medicine and improving outcomes for patients worldwide.

We are committed to providing high-quality reports that offer insightful and useful information to patients, healthcare professionals, and enthusiasts who are looking for the best therapies and solutions to their health challenges. We use rigorous quality assurance, reliable data sources, and expert analysis to deliver reports that are accurate, relevant and actionable.

Whether you are a patient seeking guidance, a healthcare professional looking for evidence-based recommendations, or an enthusiast interested in learning more about the latest developments in the health sector, our reports can help you achieve your goals and improve your well-being.

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Located in the heart of the EU, providing cutting-edge diagnostics around the globe

Here’s what our customers are saying…

Dr. Christopher Martin

Dr. Christopher Martin


DeltaGene's diagnostics provide a depth of genetic understanding that was previously unattainable. This level of detail has enabled me to stay at the forefront of treatment innovation, offering my patients access to the latest targeted therapies based on their unique tumor profiles.

Susanne Bauer

Susanne Bauer

Microbiome customer

Not only did DeltaGene identify the exact issues in my gut flora that were causing me problems for over a decade, but they also provided personalized guidance on how to restore my gut health. Now, I no longer have indigestion or regular bloating. My allergies have also gotten a lot better, and I feel 10 years younger too!

Pieter de Jong

Pieter de Jong

Healthcare business development manager

DeltaGene's NGS-based diagnostics have transformed how we approach patient care, allowing us to offer tailored treatments backed by the latest science. Their reliability & speed are unmatched, ensuring that our facilities remain at the forefront of medical innovation. 

Discover our NGS diagnostic services

  • Liquid-Biopsy Based Cancer Monitoring

    From a simple blood sample, we identify the genetic mutations and changes in circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA) that are associated with various cancers. This can help us tailor treatment plans, monitor responses, and detect any signs of recurrence or resistance. Liquid Biopsy is an accurate & convenient way to track cancer progression and therapy response. It can also complement or replace tissue biopsy – which is often invasive, painful, and limited by tumor heterogeneity.

  • Hereditary Cancer Predisposition

    Make informed decisions about your – or your family’s – health and prevention strategies. Gain valuable insights & guidance if you have a personal or family history of cancer, or you are simply curious about your genetic profile.

  • Solid Tumor Molecular Genetic Analysis

    Find the genetic mutations and alterations that drive tumor growth and resistance to therapy. Our service provides comprehensive and accurate reports that help oncologists and patients make informed decisions about the best course of action. Recommended for confirming a diagnosis, selecting a targeted therapy, monitoring disease progression, or assessing clinical trial eligibility.

  • Gut Microbiome Analysis

    Discover and quantify the microorganisms in your stool sample with our advanced DNA technology. Receive a comprehensive report with insights into your gut health, microbiome diversity & functions. With these personalized recommendations, you can improve your gut microbiome and overall wellness. Whether you want to optimize your digestion, immunity, mood, or weight, this service can help you achieve your goals.

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